Monday, July 28, 2014

GV STRATUS Advanced Logger

The Advanced Logging tool has been part of GV STRATUS since the very early versions and we would like to remind all users of this great time-saving and customisable feature. 

It's designed for detailed logging of recorded / live events, and ideal for entry of very granular and customised metadata for sports, press conferences, debates.... 

Let's take a look....

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

How GV STRATUS interfaces with Archive systems

An important part of the digital media production lifecycle is the ability to archive high-resolution assets in a permanent archive system. This mandates that workflow orchestration platforms are seamlessly extended with content archiving capabilities.We have just published two Application Notes describing how GV STRATUS interfaces with digital archive systems. 

We have partnered with industry leaders in Hierarchical Storage Management Systems (HSM): Front Porch Digital, with their DIVArchive system, and Software Generation Limited with their FlashNet environment. Read all about our tight API integration with these systems, so that GV STRATUS users, such as producers, reporters, editors, librarians can send assets to the digital archive, review and restore (fully or partially) archived content: 


We are currently working with other HSM providers for GV STRATUS to interface to. Watch this space for further announcements!

If, on the other hand, your installation does not include an HSM system, or you have your in-house digital archive solution, GV STRATUS can easily interface to generic archive systems via FTP. High resolution media can be easily archived and restored (full restore only) using the GV STRATUS tools, and metadata can be exported/imported in xml format. GV STRATUS will maintain the asset full metadata and low-resolution media for easy search, review and restore.

Contact us if you would like to explore any of these integrations further.

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Monday, July 7, 2014


In a series of Blog Posts, we will be discussing the different options and features provided by GV STRATUS for publishing content to different digital media platforms. 

Harnessing the power and capabilities of GV STRATUS, Grass Valley can address a number of Digital Media Workflows:

  1. Newsroom Video-On-Demand publishing via preset-driven GV STRATUS watch folders
  2. Automated segmentation Video-On-Demand publishing through Ignite Konnect with GV STRATUS
  3. Live streaming with rights management content replacement and hyper-client-based targeted ad insertion via Ignite processing, being managed by GV STRATUS
  4. 24/7 web & mobile TV as-live channels with live inserts for syndication on portals, broadcaster website, and/or mobile app and mobile TV

In this blog entry, we will briefly describe publishing from the newsroom to different outlets, which is now a requirement, rather than a “nice to have” workflow. Long-form content, user-generated content (UGC), and breaking news all play a role in driving digital media engagement to various points of distribution. This can range from television websites and apps to social media platforms and other points of syndication including Google, Yahoo, and other application service provider (ASP) portals, to network news websites and online video platform (OVP) outlets. 

In such a situation, media journalists, editors, producers, and news directors are challenged to publish quality-driven content with depth and/or significant time-based interest. An example would be pushing out breaking news at a high throughput that keeps viewers engaged, coming back often, and interacting to keep stories or events at the top of the viewers’ mind, which in turn provides feedback that drives more content based on user preferences and interests. Therefore, the objective with this workflow is to make it easy-to-use or transparent for non-technical personnel. The associated objective is to eliminate errors in the publishing process through reliable, categorized, and preset driven publication point bins or watch folders.

With GV STRATUS, this can be easily achieved using workflow bins (watch folders) for long-form content, UGC, and/or breaking news by category that include publication point profiles and actions based on preset rules for automated publication. These are augmented with selectable publish immediately or wait for approval processing for the editorial approval process.

For example, we can easily create a check-box or drop-down field within the GV STRATUS application, which allows reporters, producers, editors to choose a specific publishing destination, and with one single operation request that media is transcoded to, for example, a Windows Media 9 file, and then exported to the video-on-demand shared location, where the web Content Management System or VOD platform will access the file and automatically upload to the relevant webpage. This is an example of Grass Valley's video-on-demand website at NBA 2014, where files were published from the show floor using GV STRATUS: 

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