Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Video tutorial: GV STRATUS and EDIUS Project Management

Hope everyone travelled well and has recovered from a very interesting NAB 2016. We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one of our star features recently released with GV STRATUS 4.5 and EDIUS 8, both with the low resolution (EDIUS XS) and high resolution (EDIUS Workgroup) flavours.

We prepared a video tutorial to walk you through this essential functionality... Enjoy!

Contact me for any questions: beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

DAY 4 @ NAB 2016: EDIUS Project Management with GV STRATUS 4.5

So we made it to the last day of NAB 2016 and after a fantastic show so far, we wanted to close this series of posts with one of the most requested and useful new features on GV STRATUS 4.5, together with EDIUS 8: Project Management for EDIUS.

With this functionality, all EDIUS projects created when logged-on to GV STRATUS, are automatically checked-in to a new node on the GV STRATUS folder tree:

Once projects and sequences are part of the GV STRATUS directory, it is possible to search for them with GV STRATUS's powerful search capabilities. Users can open the project and review the sequence metadata on the GV STRATUS object inspector, and see the source clips being used on each sequence.

Further, as well as locating projects and sequences easily (in a busy facility this will save a lot of time navigating for content), sharing EDIUS projects via GV STRATUS allows users to open sequences that are being edited by other users and continue editing in their own project without affecting the original sequence. Equally, they can access other editor's projects (as read-only) and use their source material. These are excellent tools for collaborative workflows, where multiple users need to work on the same material (one editor may be preparing promos, another one is editing bumpers, and a third one is preparing the full edited programme, for example).

And there's more, GV STRATUS protects content from EDIUS projects from being deleted. For as long as source clips are still checked-in as part of an EDIUS project within GV STRATUS, they are protected against deletion until the project and sequence in question are removed from GV STRATUS.

This is just the first phase of our EDIUS Project Management capabilities within GV STRATUS. We will be adding further functionality on upcoming releases, so stay tuned for more announcements.

To see the EDIUS project management features in action, come and see us at the Grass Valley booth SL106. Here's a video preview:

Have a great last day of the show and safe travels onwards!

For questions or comments, contact beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Day 3 @ NAB 2016: digital media publishing solutions from GV STRATUS and Anvato

We're half-way through the show and with more news to uncover. We have been working closely with our partners at Anvato to offer you a tightly integrated solution for Digital Media Publishing using GV STRATUS.

One of the key strengths of GV STRATUS is its comprehensive rules and workflow engine. Using rules to automate media delivery can dramatically speed up your production. Combine this with a commitment to open architecture that allows tight integration with third-party service providers, and you can quickly and easily build new solutions for different applications. By partnering with Anvato, you can significantly enhance your live streaming and VOD capabilities by monetizing digital delivery.

Anvato provides a video software platform to TV broadcasters to monetize multiscreen live streaming, video publishing and distribution.

First, GV STRATUS adds segment information to the MOS rundown using its MOS-based segmentation template. Then, Grass Valley's Ignite automated production system inserts markers at the beginning and end of each segment and into the SDI stream out of the K2 Summit. This live stream is then fed into the cloud-based Anvato platform, where it can subsequently be repurposed in a number of ways, including commercial insertion and replacement. Most importantly, Anvato can read our segment markers to automatically publish to video-on-demand (VOD), or even to Facebook or Twitter, without any further transcoding.

More details available here and of course, at the show floor, on the Grass Valley booth SL106. See you there!

Any questions? Contact beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 2 @ NAB 2016: GV STRATUS and K2 Central TX

Hello NAB visitors... how are you enjoying the show so far? After an excellent first day, we are eager to meet you at our booth SL106 and give you a full demo of our latest GV STRATUS 4.5.

One of the new capabilities we are offering from this month is integration with Grass Valley's K2 Central TX high performance, shared storage for Production and Playout. Keep all your storage options flexible, from production to playout and benefit from the full range of GV STRATUS asset management and workflow tools. 

Of course, you can edit-in-place on K2 Central with Grass Valley's non-linear editor, EDIUS, both in proxy and high resolution. All of the user permissions and metadata flexibility offered with GV STRATUS is now available with K2 Central TX.

And it is certainly possible to combine different types of K2 storage under the same GV STRATUS asset management system. You can have a K2 Central TX and a K2 SAN system, or, depending on your workflow, multiple K2 Solos and/or standalone storage Summits.

K2 Central TX is ideal for quick turn-around production and playout environments, including sports workflows. And now combined with the power of GV STRATUS, for example with the revamped Advanced Logging tool (on the left here) you can enjoy greater flexibility and better collaborative workflows.

Those who work in news can consider our newly-launched News Bundles that now include K2 Central TX as production and playout storage, with GV STRATUS and EDIUS , offering a neat, compact and highly affordable solution. More details here.

You can find out more about our K2 Central TX product range on our website. And of course, come and see it at NAB, booth SL106.

For any questions, contact:  beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com

Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 1 @ NAB 2016: GV STRATUS close partnership with SGL Broadcast

Welcome to NAB 2016!! Day 1 is finally here and the show opens, with the Grass Valley booth ready to welcome our visitors and partners in the South Hall, booth SL106.

As well as showing GV STRATUS at our main booth, we happy to work for the second year running with our colleagues at SGL Broadcast and we have a demonstration pod with a full GV STRATUS and K2 Solo system, integrated with FlashNet.

At SGL's booth, SL5306, just a few steps away from Grass Valley's main booth, we're showing our latest GV STRATUS 4.5 fully integrated with SGL FlashNet, as well as new integration features, such as working with FlashNet Infinity.

And not only we will have a full-time GV STRATUS expert at the SGL booth, but we are doing two stage presentations so you can get the full breadth of our collaboration and follow-up with a 1-2-1 demo afterwards. To book your slot, please go to the SGL website.

We look forward to seeing you at the Grass Valley booth and the SGL booth this NAB! Have a great day!

For any questions, contact beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Grass Valley booth taking shape at NAB 2016....

We wanted to give you a peek preview of our booth in advance of the NAB show opening. Our GV STRATUS system is up and running in a record-breaking set up time of.... a few hours :-)

Keep up to date with all the news and developments for Grass Valley at NAB on our event webpage, where you can book a demo and get your VIP Customer Code.

See you in Sunny Vegas, baby!!!

Contact us at beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

GV STRATUS is coming to NAB 2016!

Faithful to our yearly date with our users and industry partners, the GV STRATUS team will be at NAB 2016. Come to see us at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, South Hall. Our booth is SL106. 

Systems set up is going smoothly and we're up and rearing to go! We have a lot to show you, with new partner integrations, user-friendly functionality, workflows and features, as well as an expert team at hand ready to answer all your GV STRATUS questions. 

Contact us to book a demo slot, or drop by to see all the latest functionality we're offering with GV STRATUS 4.5... 
Keep an eye on our blog for daily updates, as we will be publishing a new entry with interesting new from the show floor starting next Monday 18th April and for the duration of the show. 

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas! 

Get in touch with us: beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com

REMOTE SENDS PART 3: Sending to a remote K2 device

When it comes to sending content from the production environment to remote facilities, GV STRATUS offers a wide range of possibilities

In a 3-part series we are covering various case studies, and we already showed you on a previous post (Multisite and remote workflows with GV STRATUS) how to share content between multiple GV STRATUS sites, what we call MULTISITE sharing. Part 2 covered Sending video from GV STRATUS to a remote file share.

Finally, here in part 3, we show you how you send content from your GV STRATUS / K2 production facility to other locations where they may have a K2 device (K2 SAN, Summit, Classic or Solo) but without GV STRATUS being part of their installation.

In this video, we provide the example of sending from a GV STRATUS production facility located in Singapore, over to a K2 Solo server located in our offices in Sydney. 

For any question concerning this subject contact beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com

Friday, April 8, 2016

Video Tutorial: Configuring Avid iNews NRCS for GV STRATUS

Hi all, today we would like to share with you a video tutorial going through the steps needed to configure the Avid iNews Newsroom Computer System to work together with GV STRATUS.

As well as this tutorial, you can follow the detailed steps as described on our comprehensive GV STRATUS Topic Library.

GV STRATUS integration within iNews, as well as with a wide range of other NRCS (ENPS, Octopus, Annova Open Media, Ross Inception, NCIS....) provides the full toolset and flexibility to manage your media assets, basic editing, approving, sending to playout, etc that you require for your news production workflows. For details on how to use iNews with GV STRATUS, you can check our Topic Library here.

And whilst we have your attention, don't forget to check back in next week, as we will be ramping up for the NAB 2016 show in Las Vegas and we will be introducing new GV STRATUS features and functionality both at the show floor and here at our blog. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

Any questions, contact: beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com