Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UPDATE MARCH 2011: Editor format matrix support on K2 shared storage

Format available on the K2 are depend of what K2 video server is used and what version. for more information on format availability on k2 video servers, please refer to the servers section of the grassvalley.com web site or click ME

-EIP stands for Edit in Place, media do not need to be transferred to the editor storage for editing.
-DSM is an Aurora DSM Server
-Partial support means that the editor can edit AVCI generated by our K2 system, but that the editor does not yet write back AVCI. so final sequence has to be render in another "green" supported format such as DV100.
-XDCAM HD, we do support XDCAM EX, HD and HD 422.

For dedicated information on each editor, use the Label filter list on this blog in the right hand side columns as shown in this picture:

For any question concerning this subject contact Régis André: regis.andre@grassvalley.com