Monday, January 3, 2011

NEW! K2-FCP-CONNECT version 2.0

K2-FCP-CONNECT keeps getting bigger and better!!
Version 2.0 of our K2-FCP-CONNECT product is out! Free upgrade for existing customer*!

What's new:

  • NEW script viewer window, allowing you to read inews and ENPS script when you are connected to an Aurora Playout X-MOS Server
  • NEW GV BROWSE application, launches from FCP, this new separate application comes bundled in K2-FCP-CONNECT for no additional cost and let you:
    • Connect to an Aurora 7.x or a Basecamp 7.x system.
    • Search the database
    • See Proxies, metadata, storyboard
    • Sort,  filter results
    • send pointers and metadata to your FCP project to edit the high resolution content.
  • Download a free 30 day trial and the documentation here

* GV Browse application requires Aurora/Mediaframe or Basecamp integration license purchased separately.

For any question concerning this subject contact Régis André: