Sunday, May 25, 2014


We are happy to announce our release of GV STRATUS 3.5 with lots of new goodies, features and powerful workflows! Click here for a summary of everything that is new....

We have already covered some of the new functionality in this blog recently, such as Import Rules for User-Generated Content, updates to our Adobe Premiere Pro integration, added improvements to our K2 Dyno integration, new features on Edius XS, etc.

Watch out for new blog entries soon covering some of the recent enhancements to GV STRATUS 3.5, one of many being our great Digital Media Publishing workflows.

We have also changed the way we provide our User and Configuration manuals, now presented on an easy-to-use and search downloadable html Topic Library,

GV STRATUS: a virtually unlimited and fully integrated set of production tools for all your live events, production, news and play out needs.

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