Thursday, February 12, 2015

REMOTE SENDS PART 2: Sending video from GV STRATUS to a remote file share

GV STRATUS offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to sending content from the production environment to remote facilities.

In a 3-part series we are covering various case studies, and we already showed you on a previous post (Multisite and remote workflows with GV STRATUS) how to share content between multiple GV STRATUS sites, what we call MULTISITE sharing.

In this post, part 2, we show you how you can take advantage of GV STRATUS rules to share content with a remote location that simply needs the video as a discreet file on a remote shared drive. This applies well when you have multiple geographically remote facilities but only the central production system features GV STRATUS and K2 storage. 

In part 3 we will cover the ability to send from GV STRATUS to a standalone K2 server located in a remote destination, which is not under GV STRATUS control. Watch this space!

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