Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New features on GV STRATUS 4.0.3

Hi readers! After a brief hiatus, we are happy to be back in action with news and announcements about GV STRATUS, which keeps getting better and being more feature-rich....

With the recent release of version 4.0.3 we have added some great functionality to facilitate and accelerate the production process. One particular new function that we are very happy with, is the ability to select and automatically export thumbnails. This is extremely useful when users want to select specific frames to be used in external systems such as a webpage or for on-air graphics.

After the relevant export rule has been created, a user simply uses the GV STRATUS application to view content and add a marker (labelled as "TN") for the frames which they want to have thumbnails exported.

GV STRATUS will automatically create thumbnails and place them on the predetermined folder: This will also work with growing files, allowing users to export thumbnails to their external folder even whilst content is still being ingested! No need to wait for the recording to be completed anymore: accelerate your workflow!

Some of our users have given us excellent feedback on this small but powerful feature, as it has saved them time and effort for their web and social media publishing process.

We have introduced a number of other improvements on GV STRATUS v4.0.3. Keep an eye out for our next blog entry soon!

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