Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More NRCS options - GV STRATUS integration with ROSS Inception

As you know, at GV we are always working on keeping our product offerings open and GV STRATUS in particular integrates with a long list of third party devices, services and tools.

We have been working closely with ROSS, and are happy to announce that we have added their Inception Newsroom Computer System to our existing list of integrated NRCS (you can already use GV STRATUS with Octopus, ENPS, iNews, Open Media, NCIS and Nishi-Com).

As with all our previous NRCS integrations, you can now benefit from the full power and feature-set of GV STRATUS, including all of its tools (and that means ALL!) within the Inception user interface. The workflow is similar to that we have with other NRCS systems, whereby you can create MOS placeholders in advance within the rundown, see status of your video assets (showing ready-to-air as soon as content starts arriving in the playout server), preview live feeds without leaving your newsroom application, and all other goodies that GV STRATUS has to offer.

We are pleased to keep adding more partners to our existing long list, and to offer you, our users, flexibility when it comes to integrating the video production system with the NRCS of your choice.

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