Sunday, January 31, 2016

GV STRATUS 4.5 - MORE NEW FEATURES! Revamped Advanced Logger

Hi again! With our new release of GV STRATUS, version 4.5 we have introduced lots of new features, but we have also listened to our user's feedback and introduced 600+ improvements on the user interface, general availability and performance, back-end processes and tools.

One example is the Advanced Logger, which has been part of GV STRATUS from day 1 and provides excellent live logging and cataloging tools to our users, for sports, current affairs, news and reality TV logging, with the ability to customise your own buttons and panels.

Here's our previous blog entry on what the Advanced Logger used to look like and how it could be used (click here). After hearing from our users how the Logger could be even more useful to them, we made many improvements and showed a peek-preview during last IBC (see here).

Our colleague Alex Lakey has now done a video demonstration to show you all the improvements and new functions of the Advanced Logger. Check it out!

We'll be back for more soon with more news about GV STRATUS 4.5!

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