Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The latest version of GV Stratus comes out this week!

We're really pleased to announce the release this week of another great GV Stratus version.

Version 4.8 includes loads of great new features including:

  • Metadata permissions – apply permissions to metadata fields; field-level permissions configurable in the Control Panel
  • 6 New permission types against Markers and Segments

  • Search and Rules Engine support for ‘Is Empty’ – search on empty fields
  • 32-channel audio proxy support for proxy files scavenged by our GV Render engine
  • EDIUS XS editing of offline proxy media – low res editing of assets where the High Res content is still in the archive when you want to edit
  • Import of standalone EDIUS projects as STRATUS-managed projects (with API support)
  • K2 Central is now deployable within GV SiteConfig and managed within GV Stratus Control Panel
  • Lots of GUI enhancements – including the ability to hide/unhide markers; create user selectable Stratus thumbnails and many more..
  • Custom proxy generation – bit-rates up to 15Mb/s; frames sizes from 320x280 to 1920x1080

Over the next few weeks we will be making available some videos on our Youtube channel to demo these features to you, We'll let you know more when they are available!

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