Tuesday, June 17, 2014

GV STRATUS field editing with EDIUS Elite

GV STRATUS, together with EDIUS Elite, now provides the ideal solution for field-based editors who need to mix local content with content remotely stored in their central facility. With an EDIUS Elite workstation in the field, you can integrate with the GV STRATUS system at your home site to combine both field and home assets on the same timeline.

For example, if I am a reporter or producer who is travelling in the field, shooting some important footage, and I want to be able to edit it together with some stock shots or a feed stored on the K2 server back at base, I can now do that with GV STRATUS, EDIUS Elite and a fairly standard internet connection. 

Once I finish shooting, I go back to my hotel, connect to the GV STRATUS system back a base (say in the newsroom or my central production house). I will then be able to search the K2 production storage using GV STRATUS comprehensive search tools. I can then bring the clips I need to my EDIUS Elite project bin and start editing it together with my locally-shot content. 

Whilst the local content is in high resolution (as I've just recorded it with my field camera), the remote media I'm bringing from GV STRATUS will be streamed in proxy. No need to copy the files to my local drive. I simply stream and edit. 

Field Editing integration with GV STRATUS provides the following:

  • Add assets you have procured in the field to the timeline. These are high-resolutions assets stored on the local EDIUS Elite workstation.
  • Access assets from the home GV STRATUS system as proxy media.
  • Mix the home site proxy assets and the local high-resolution assets on the same project/timeline.
  • Send the completed project/sequence to the home GV STRATUS system. The project/sequence is rendered and becomes a GV STRATUS asset.
You can drag assets from the GV STRATUS Asset List and drop them onto the EDIUS Elite timeline.

From the timeline that contains both high-resolution field assets and proxy home assets, you can create a project or a story. You can do this while you are in the field yet remotely connected to the GV STRATUS system at your home site. EDIUS Elite allows mixed-format editing as it converts between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates in real time during rendering by the GV STRATUS Render Engine at the home site.

Field Editing removes the distance barrier, giving field personnel an editing experience identical to the one they would enjoy in the newsroom with the same access to central newsroom content. By mixing newsroom proxy with locally shot full resolution clips the field user can create finished product with no missing scenes or “black holes”. There is no need to transfer full resolution content to the field since a smart conform server at base will automatically find the full resolution content for any shots covered by proxy in the field.

For any question concerning this subject contact regis.andre@grassvalley.com or beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com