Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Did you know that GV STRATUS works extremely well with K2 Standalone Summits and K2 Solo servers?

To take advantage of most of the great features and workflows offered by GV STRATUS, a K2 SAN is not required. It is possible to have a highly powerful, versatile and flexible system based around smaller-scale storage such as that offered by our K2 servers.

For example, let’s say we are covering an outdoors event with an OB truck. With a low-cost, small-scale system consisting of a single K2 Summit 3G, a GV STRATUS Express Core Server and a couple of GV STRATUS clients, you can

  1. Ingest live feeds using the GV STRATUS Scheduler, then search, catalogue and edit growing files
  2. Import XDCAM/P2 content straight from the camera crew with GV STRATUS RMI: preview, select and combine clips using a high resolution client before importing into the K2 Summit storage.
  3. Set up workflow rules so that files delivered via file transfers, downloads or email can be automatically and seamlessly imported to K2 Summit and low-resolution content created simultaneously.
  4. Using an EDIUS XS low-resolution editor, or an EDIUS Elite high-resolution client, edit-in-place on the K2 Summit and conform final edits ready for playout or send to other destinations.
  5. Live playout by creating playlists and controlling K2 Summit ports, including background loops, bumpers and replays.
  6. You can add a K2 Dyno to the mix, and have full access from GV STRATUS to all highlights and playlists created on-the-fly by the replay operator. 


These solutions are not limited to mobile or live production. It is extremely suitable also for production requirements serving small user groups with reduced storage requirements and tight budgets. A small newsroom, for example, can function on a system of similar size, including an ingest K2 Summit, and a playout K2 Summit, both under GV STRATUS control. Add a Newsroom Computer System such as ENPS, Octopus or Open Media, and you have an end-to-end solution for news production indulging ingest, editing and playout, with live feedback to the producers and reporters working on their scripts and rundowns.
GV STRATUS plug-in within the Octopus NRCS

To learn more about small-scale, low-cost GV STRATUS solutions, get in touch!

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