Sunday, August 3, 2014

REMOTE SENDS PART 1: Multisite and remote workflows with GV STRATUS

In a 3-part series of posts, we are going to cover the various workflows and requirements to share content between remote locations, and how GV STRATUS provides you with the tools and flexibility to choose the most suitable workflow for you.

GV STRATUS supports Wide Area Network (WAN)-based workflows that enable multisite media search, browse and transfers from GV STRATUS clients across distributed facilities, whether within the same site or from remote field locations.

The GV STRATUS system uses progressive download to display low-resolution proxy video of assets from remote sites. This minimizes the effect of a slower load time when you load an asset into Inspector or some other GV STRATUS viewer. Progressive download selectively downloads and caches the portion of the low-resolution proxy video asset just before and after the current scrub bar position in the video player, until finally the entire proxy file asset is downloaded. As long as the GV STRATUS application remains open, the downloaded proxy asset remains locally available. If you load the proxy asset into the video player again, the GV STRATUS application uses the locally cached proxy file asset. 

Let's take a look....

GV STRATUS multisite and remote workflows provide efficient, low-cost, proxy-based workflows that allow the use of all tools from a local client, allowing for high-latency, low-bandwidth connections. 

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