Saturday, September 12, 2015

IBC 2015 - DAY 3: send to YouTube directly from GV STRATUS!

This year's IBC is well underway and we are thrilled to uncover even more exciting and useful new features with our next release of GV STRATUS.

Come by Hall 1.D11 to the Grass Valley booth, and see for yourself how fast and easy we have made it for you to publish directly to YouTube from the GV STRATUS client!

It's a simple as creating a workflow rule on our GV STRATUS Control Panel, where you enter the credentials of your YouTube account. This is totally invisible to all users, and only system administrators need to access this information (and only one time during set up). Once this is done, users simply need to check a metadata field to send to YouTube, they can monitor the transfer from within their GV STRATUS seat....

And as for the video quality and format, you can choose to transcode using one of our well integrated 3rd party transcode engines (again, this is transparent to the user and it just happens in the background, as it's part of the rule set up), or even faster and better, you can choose to send the GV STRATUS natively created proxy (which we will soon offer in three different resolutions to suit varying workflow needs), so that transcoding is not needed and the upload to YouTube can be lightning fast!

Come and learn more at our booth this IBC!

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