Monday, September 14, 2015

IBC 2015 - DAY 5: improvements to the Advanced Logger - check it out!

Last day of another fun IBC! Over the past few days we've been telling you about a whole range of new features and functionality that we are adding to GV STRATUS. And as well as new additions, we constantly work on improving and enhancing existing tools taking on board our users' feedback.

We have put a lot of work lately on the GV STRATUS Advanced Logging Panel. For starters, button panels and customised buttons can now be easily managed from the asset list. The logging panel is now a whole Logging Suite, highly customisable and full of nice new functionality.

Buttons can be rearranged, resized and repositioned in such a way that they can mimic a specific formation, for example for a soccer team.  And you can add a background picture to help you get closer to the action and log live events more efficiently. 

All this new functionality, coupled to the recently-introduced ability to send buttons and whole panels via GV STRATUS Messenger, makes it a lot easier for operators to share their work and save time amongst logging and production teams.The new and improved Advanced Logger is the ideal tool to log all sorts of live events, from sports to press conferences, from reality TV to political debates and from musical concerts to religious congregations. You name it, we provide you with the tools.

Do contact us if you would like a detailed demonstration. For any question concerning this subject contact or