Thursday, April 21, 2016

DAY 4 @ NAB 2016: EDIUS Project Management with GV STRATUS 4.5

So we made it to the last day of NAB 2016 and after a fantastic show so far, we wanted to close this series of posts with one of the most requested and useful new features on GV STRATUS 4.5, together with EDIUS 8: Project Management for EDIUS.

With this functionality, all EDIUS projects created when logged-on to GV STRATUS, are automatically checked-in to a new node on the GV STRATUS folder tree:

Once projects and sequences are part of the GV STRATUS directory, it is possible to search for them with GV STRATUS's powerful search capabilities. Users can open the project and review the sequence metadata on the GV STRATUS object inspector, and see the source clips being used on each sequence.

Further, as well as locating projects and sequences easily (in a busy facility this will save a lot of time navigating for content), sharing EDIUS projects via GV STRATUS allows users to open sequences that are being edited by other users and continue editing in their own project without affecting the original sequence. Equally, they can access other editor's projects (as read-only) and use their source material. These are excellent tools for collaborative workflows, where multiple users need to work on the same material (one editor may be preparing promos, another one is editing bumpers, and a third one is preparing the full edited programme, for example).

And there's more, GV STRATUS protects content from EDIUS projects from being deleted. For as long as source clips are still checked-in as part of an EDIUS project within GV STRATUS, they are protected against deletion until the project and sequence in question are removed from GV STRATUS.

This is just the first phase of our EDIUS Project Management capabilities within GV STRATUS. We will be adding further functionality on upcoming releases, so stay tuned for more announcements.

To see the EDIUS project management features in action, come and see us at the Grass Valley booth SL106. Here's a video preview:

Have a great last day of the show and safe travels onwards!

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