Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 2 @ NAB 2016: GV STRATUS and K2 Central TX

Hello NAB visitors... how are you enjoying the show so far? After an excellent first day, we are eager to meet you at our booth SL106 and give you a full demo of our latest GV STRATUS 4.5.

One of the new capabilities we are offering from this month is integration with Grass Valley's K2 Central TX high performance, shared storage for Production and Playout. Keep all your storage options flexible, from production to playout and benefit from the full range of GV STRATUS asset management and workflow tools. 

Of course, you can edit-in-place on K2 Central with Grass Valley's non-linear editor, EDIUS, both in proxy and high resolution. All of the user permissions and metadata flexibility offered with GV STRATUS is now available with K2 Central TX.

And it is certainly possible to combine different types of K2 storage under the same GV STRATUS asset management system. You can have a K2 Central TX and a K2 SAN system, or, depending on your workflow, multiple K2 Solos and/or standalone storage Summits.

K2 Central TX is ideal for quick turn-around production and playout environments, including sports workflows. And now combined with the power of GV STRATUS, for example with the revamped Advanced Logging tool (on the left here) you can enjoy greater flexibility and better collaborative workflows.

Those who work in news can consider our newly-launched News Bundles that now include K2 Central TX as production and playout storage, with GV STRATUS and EDIUS , offering a neat, compact and highly affordable solution. More details here.

You can find out more about our K2 Central TX product range on our website. And of course, come and see it at NAB, booth SL106.

For any questions, contact:  beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com