Wednesday, April 15, 2009

EDIUS; that file based workflow monster

Working in a lot of different workflows from News to live production, sports, and channel playout, being able to ingest, edit and transfer the result of your editing on the playout server so it can be shared / played or archived whatever the source or destination file formatis, is important.

For that kind of workflow where source format are multiple, EDIUS is the dreamed solution.
You can thrown literally any type of files to it, EDIUS will play them, edit them and with it's integration to the K2 systems, will have the right tools to export that back to the playout system.

Here is a list of files format that I used recently with EDIUS for a project:
HDV, AVCI, AVCHD, DV, J2K, MPEG2 Long GOP, XDCAM HD... and yes, I have been able to mix all of this in my project and make a Master that was playable on a K2 Summit DV100 MediaClient.

EDIUS allowed me to ingest all the files from the different camera vendors, files from my archive and edit, manage the aspect ratio and raster sizes and output a DV100 file back to our K2 Summit MediaClient.

Export from EDIUS in .m2t, MXF, GXF, AVI, QT, MPEG2...

If you want to know more about EDIUS file format compatiblity follow that link: CLICK ME and scroll to the bottom of the page for an extensive list of Supported Project formats and Video Formats.

For any question concerning this subject contact Régis André: