Monday, April 13, 2009

NEW at NAB 2009: GV FCP Connect Plug-in

Grass Valley will demonstrate their new K2-FCP Connect. This includes the new GV Connect plug-in for FCP.
K2-FCP Connect includes the GV Connect FCP plug-in, the iSCSI connection license and software.

In Summary this plug-in will let users quickly and easily locate QT files on the K2 SAN, add them to the current project to allow editing of the QT files from the SAN without file transfer. This capability is called Edit in Place.
The plug-in will also include FCP support for Aurora sequences, growing file support and export/render/flattening of FCP finished sequences on the K2 SAN for sharing or playout.

• Mac Pro (intel) with 2 GigE ports
• Mac Os X Leopard 10.5.6 or higher
• XSAN 2.0 client and license

The GV Connect FCP plug-in will be installed in the Final Cut Pro plug-in folder and will show up under the Tool menu in two separate entries as shown in the screenshot below.

The GV Connect menu entry will display the GV Connect plug-in. The GV Quick Export menu entry will bypass the plug-in UI to automatically export the selected items in the FCP bin to a predetermined location on K2.
The GV Connect window has two main tabs, one for exporting and one for importing.
The same tool is used for both tasks and allows batch operations for both Import and Export

Growing File Support:
By installing the GV Connect plug-in, the user will see a GV logo button in the upper right in the Mac OSX toolbar. This logo will change color (white letters to green letters) when a file that is used in the current FCP project has grown. This provides support for growing files in FCP. The user can click on the Icon and the files will be refreshed in the FCP project providing access to the new media. The GV Connect plug-in will be available shortly after NAB.

For any question concerning this subject contact Régis André: