Thursday, April 16, 2009

K2 Stand alone and Final Cut Pro workflow

Here is an illustration for the Hot bin workflow using Final Cut Pro.

To use FCP to edit in place from a stand alone K2 follow that procedure:
First you need to connect to the media drive from the K2 mediaclient. in order to do that you first must share the V:/ drive from the mediaclient:
Go to the K2 Mediaclient windows -->my computer --> right click on the V:/ drive --> sharing and permissions, share the volume and name it DEFAULT (this is important) -->advanced permissions-->everyone check all permissions (you can set permissions to only the admin user if you prefer)-->apply/ok

On the MAC -->finder -->Go menu --> connect to server --> type in the IP address of the MediaClient like this: smb://xx.xx.xx.xx/default --> click the little + sign to add it to your favorites --> connect

Now the default drive is available in the shared section of the finder.

Now that the "plumbing" is done you can start editing: two scenarios:

With the GV CONNECT plug-in:
If you are using the GV connect plug-in you will need to edit the host file on the MAC to set the Stand alone server IP addressing the host editing tool in the GV application folder, create a user account for the MAC user on the K2 (with admin privileges) and then set the permissions on the sabretooth license service in the service manager

-From FCP --> tool-->GV CONNECT --> import tab --> you see all the available content, import to the bin as any as needed --> close plug-in
- when done editing --> tool --> GV CONNECT --> export tab --> select custom or quick export (TIP: Set the quick export to the hot bin then you can do a GV connect quick export directly from the tool menu) --> export and close.

Without the GV CONNECT plug-in
-From FCP --> Right click on the bin --> import file --> using the browse button navigate to DEFAULT/ Asset (if K2 Classic) or Media (is K2 Summit)/navigate the bins to find content.
-when done editing select your sequence to send back --> right click --> export --> Quick time movie, select the right format that match the K2 system setup --> browse destination: navigate to the default drive/ navigate to the hot bin --> export.

Note that by using the GV CONNECT plug-in this process is highly streamlined.

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