Saturday, October 24, 2009

HOW TO: Reconnect to growing file media in FCP

Thanks to Jim P. for this how to document.
Although our FCP GV Connect plug-in does a lot to streamline and simplify the process of finding content in our servers, if you are editing a greowing file and that FCP crashes or you quit FCP while you are linked to a growing file, there is no way for us to reconnect FCP to the growing files automatically. you will have to do it manually.
here is the procedure written by Jim.

Final Cut Pro behavior when closing project and application with a  growing file in the bin.

Launch FCP, add a growing file to the bin, use elements of the file in the timeline.
Close the project, then re-open the project – no issues with files.
Now close FCP and then reopen it and again open the project with the growing file inside the bin. The file shows up as Media Offline

So follow the instructions to Reconnect.

 Locate the clip as suggested

Then it will inform you that you are re-linking to a growing file...

So click on Continue and then you will see this

Finally the timeline redraws with all of your elements from the growing file(s).

Now you can finish the edit.

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