Saturday, October 24, 2009

New K2 Production Storage offer and Customer Success Story with GV Connect.

Since the release of GV connect, GrassValley also released a new Shared Storage solution aligned more to the needs of Post-Production than massive news or ingest/playout centers.
This new K2 Production Storage Provides either a Fibre Channel or ISCSI (ethernet) architecture to connect Editing clients such as EDIUS or Final Cut Pro.
K2 Production storage can support ingest K2 MediaClient, but does not provide supports for direct attached Playback server. a transfer model is used to send to playback in that case.

K2 Production storage now complete our Shared Storage offering already proposing K2 SAN and our K2 Nearline:

  • K2 SAN : Ingest, Editing and Playout supported on the SAN directly.
  • K2 Production Storage: Ingest, Editing supported from the SAN directly, transfer to Playout
  • K2 Nearline: NAS solution for Near-Online activities and low bandwidth editing in CIFS

K2 PS, has just been released and we are already pleased to announce our very first Installations at a major site in Texas.
the configuration provides 650 Hours of storage at 100Mb/s Media, transfer capability to our K2 ingest Server and a stand alone K2 playout Server, allowing content to be edited for 10 Final Cut Pro workstations.

GV Connect is used to browse the content of the servers and trigger the transfer to the K2 PS, where editors can start editing as soon as the transfer starts.

Once the editing is done, GV connect is then used to send the finish package back to another K2 MediaClient used for playout, while a Final Cut Server coupled with an encoding engine transcode the same material out of Shared storage to other destinations.

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