Monday, October 5, 2009

Media transfers between K2 MediaClients and Avid Editors how to video:

hello, here is a video demonstrating Media transfers between a GrassValley K2 MediaClient and an Avid editor.
REMEMBER this is working only with Windows based Editors as Avid does not have transfer tools for MAC OS.

if the audio is not good enough for you, here is the transcript of the comments:

Welcome to this presentation
we will talk about transfer workflow between Grass Valley MediaServer Client from the K2 family to and from Avid editor either via a std alone Interplay transfer Engine or a Interplay Transfer Engine Server.

As you can see on this slide we do support transfer of different types of Codec,
I-Frames codec are transferred using the GV K2 DHM plug-in with the Interplay transfer Engine while long-GOP media are transferred using the FTP mode of the Interplay Transfer Engine.

AVC-I support will come early 2010 when Avid supports AVCI Exports.

Now to get this to work, you will need to install the Grass Valley K2 Avid DHM on the machine that host the Interplay Transfer Engine, in my example I run the Interplay transfer engine on the MediaComposer Machine itself.

Then you will need to install the Grass Valley K2 Avid Ingest Browser application on the Editing machine.
The K2 T Server goes on the K2 MediaClient (K2 Summit, k2 Solo, etc..)

The configuration is done mostly through Host file configuration as described in the installation and configuration guide and onto the Interplay Engine configuration utility.

In my example, I am running the Interplay Transfer Engine on the MediaComposer PC itself, it’s called a standalone transfer engine (vs Server) then I need to Check Stand alone setting “accept incoming transfer setting’ Dialog box, choose the type of transfer, AAF in our case.

Then enable playback transfer in the playback section, enter the name of the K2 Mediaclient you want to send to from this editing machine. The name of course has to eb same as the one in your host file.
Then you will need to enable ingest transfers and add the name of the K2 Mediaclient you want to transfer from.

Once this is done the configuration is finished, you need to start the interplay engine, launch MediaComposer and the Grass Valley K2 Avid Browser
Use the K2 browser to find content you want to transfer from the K2 to the editing machine, drag and drop the clips to a MediaComposer Bin, the transfer starts and once it is done you can edit it.

Once you are done editing you can then send the timeline back to the K2 Server by choosing the Send to Playback option, type a tape ID in the dialog box, that tape ID will translate to be the Clip name in the K2 word.
Hit OK, then the transfer starts.

After a while the clip will show up in the K2 default Bin, and you can start playing it out before the transfer ends.

the installation documentation can be found HERE
For any question concerning this subject contact Régis André: