Saturday, October 24, 2009

K2 and Avid, XDCAM HD 422 Transfers

The FTP transfer mechanism with the Avid Interplay Engine has just been released around IBC, that more and more customer are using it to transfer content in XDCAMHD to and from our K2 Video Servers.

The configuration is extremely simple as it requires no additional software on the GrassValley side of the installation.
Avid is using our Open Architecture using MXF transfers over FTP to transfer XDCAM HD 422 to and from ISIS. in order to achieve that, you will need to purchase the Interplay Transfer Engine option from Avid and configure it to do FTP transfer with our servers and you will also require your editing stations (MediaComposer, NewsCutter, Symphony) to be connected to an ISIS or Unity MediaNetwork in order to have the XDCAM HD FTP option available in the Avid interplay transfer engine options.

Avid then provides a tool to list of clips in our server and you can drag and drop to your bin to trigger the transfer to the Avid editor shared storage and on the way back to the K2 use the "Send to playback" menu from within the editor.

If you are interested in transferring content between GrassValley K2s and Avid systems, make sure to check this blog often as GrassValley works continuously to make the story better.

For any question concerning this subject contact Régis André: