Friday, September 12, 2014

IBC 2014 DAY 1: User Permissions with GV STRATUS v4.0!

Today, with the opening of IBC 2014, we are unveiling GV STRATUS v4.0!

A long list of new features, exciting workflows and tight 3rd party integrations arrives with this release, which will ship in the next few weeks.

We start with a bang! A new, long-awaited feature that we are introducing today is user permissions!

A number of specific users / groups (typically system administrators) can have the new role of "Security Manager". Using the GV STRATUS Control Panel, they can assign READ, WRITE, DELETE permissions per asset and / or per folder to specific users and / or groups.

This allows for very granular allocation of user permissions so that each user and group has access to the media assets they need, and no more. Equally, you can assign the correct level of interaction to read-only, or modify assets' properties or even delete, to specific areas of the system without everyone seeing everything. Of course, it is also possible to have certain assets or bins being accessible only by certain user(s).

We have even provided an option for system administrators to enable/disable security features as convenient. This is specially important for existing GV STRATUS customers who may want to take a gradual approach to implementing user permissions by carefully planning first and activate when ready, or when you have special events for which you need to override usual permissions and make temporary changes.

We will soon be releasing more information and updated user and configuration guides with full details.... If you'd like to learn more, do contact us on the email addresses below!

Come and see us at IBC, booth 1.11D or visit our IBC microsite to book a demo!

More tomorrow, day 2 of IBC 2014!

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