Saturday, September 13, 2014

IBC 2014 DAY 2: fast remote transfers with GV STRATUS 4.0

Do you need to send lots of large video files from your GV STRATUS/K2 system to remote locations outside your facility? Are you a field editor who wants to quickly transfer your high-resolution final edit ready for on-air, alongside with the rushes?

Look no more - at IBC 2014 we are launching our new tight integration between GV STRATUS 4.0 and Aspera fast delivery solutions, using their secure FASP protocol. This is not just a push/pull watch folder workflow: we have added the new protocol to our toolset via our RESTFUL API, allowing GV STRATUS users to simply use a check box or folder that will automatically transfer to remote sites using the Aspera FASP protocol (read more here). 

Once all basic configuration and servers have been set up at each end, all background operations are transparent to the user: using GV STRATUS workflow rules, different "send profiles" can be set up, so that, for example, Current affairs and Sports content are delivered to different destinations. All metadata information is also sent (Closed Captions, Metadata, Thumbnails). 

You can quickly send raw material from the field directly to the ingest folders within the GV STRATUS system, ready for a producer's review and editors work. Equally, you can send from a bureau to the central production office dramatically reducing transfer speeds and time-to-air. It is even possible to set up an email alert to send to the producer when content has arrived and is ready for them to check!

With this seamless integration of the Aspera fast delivery solutions within the GV STRATUS production environment, our users can now benefit from a considerably faster and secure file exchange (even with unstable and low-bandwidth WAN connections), reducing production cycles and getting programming to air much faster.

Come and see a demo at the GV booth, 1.D11 during this IBC. 

We are co-hosting a cocktail reception on Saturday at the Aspera booth, 7.G30, come and join us for more information, networking and cool bubbly!

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