Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More improvements for reduced-scale GV STRATUS systems

Following the great success of GV STRATUS at IBC 2014, we would like to, first, thank all our customers and partners for the interest and support shown during the 5 days of the show. Our 3 GV STRATUS pods were extremely busy and visitors were impressed with all the new features and workflows we introduced: user permissions, Aspera integration and many more.

Specifically for this show we wanted to show how a relatively small, and very affordable system, could provide a huge variety of workflows and support hundreds of user requirements. For the first time in a trade show, we chose not to have a K2 SAN with GV STRATUS, but a number of K2 Standalone Summits all with a GV STRATUS Express core server (the smallest of the core servers we offer). 

Among the new features in GV STRATUS v4.0 that help keep system cost and size under control are: 

  1. Our pre-existing conform and render engine now also performs porxy scavenge and encoding. This allows you to have a pool of identical engines where you can prioritise tasks as needed, without the need to purchase additional dedicated hardware.
  2. This conform/render and scavenge engine can now run on the GV STRATUS Express core server. For systems that have very reduced production requirements (1-2 video servers, 1-2 user clients), this reduces even further the amount of hardware that you need to purchase for a fully-fledged GV STRATUS production and workflow management system.  
  3. Such a small system can support up to 20 users with GV STRATUS clients with its full set of tools, or EDIUS XS low-res editors offering a wide range of post-production and editing tools. Users can work collaboratively sharing, editing, enhancing content simultaneously!
A fantastic solution for Sports Trucks: the power of 20 editing stations without having to carry around an SAN that is not meant to be carried around.

Contact us for further details on how GV STRATUS can serve you with affordable, portable, easy-to-use non-linear production systems.

For any question concerning this subject contact regis.andre@grassvalley.com or beatriz.alonso-martinez@grassvalley.com