Monday, September 15, 2014

IBC 2014 DAY 4: new features on Ingest Scheduler with GV STRATUS 4.0

At GV STRATUS HQ not only we work hard to introduce new functionality and features to our tool-set, but also we are continuously looking to add improvements for existing tools. And this is what we have just done with the Ingest Scheduler on our new GV STRATUS v4.0

We have listened to lots of user feedback and implemented plenty of improvements to our crash record and scheduled ingest tool:
  • Scalability: the Scheduler now supports up to 160 ingest channels! We have spent considerable effort to test at peak load and are satisfied that large ingest production facilities can now deploy our solution and scale as needed. 
  • Channel Grouping: we have been asked a lot to implement the ability to group ingest channels, so that specific users or departments have dedicated channel groups. For example, say that the News Ingest team always users K2 Summit Channels 1 and 2, and the Sports team always uses Channels 3 and 4... Now you can create and name Ingest Channel groups so that it's easy and convenient for everyone to use their dedicated channels. 

  • New Ingest monitor: a new monitoring list actively refreshes at pre-set time periods, so you can see at a glance all of the scheduled recordings and what is in progress now.

  • Expand/collapse all button: small but powerful! When you have in excess of 3-4 recording channels, it's now very easy to quickly collapse them all to maximize your screen real-state, and equally, at the push of a button, expand them all in a flash!

As you can see, we strive to always make our tool-set more user-friendly, flexible and powerful... GV STRATUS simply aims to provide you with the best non-linear production and workflow tools in the market.

Come by our IBC 2014 booth 1.D11 or visit our IBC microsite to book a demo!

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